We rescue animals in need and hope to get them sponsored or adopted so they may have a good life with a loving family.

All our animals are current on their vaccinations and were spayed or neutered as well as dewormed. This ensures that they are off to a great start in your home.

The background of many of our animals are the streets of Aklan. Although we go to great lengths to socialise them to be suitable pets, it is impossible to train each one individually. So the dog of your choice may pull on the leash, or doesn’t know any party trick commands yet. But our staff will be able to give you useful pointers so that you can train your new friend yourself.

We at AARRC hope that you will find your new life-time friend on these pages.

What we do at AARRC

We Rescue Animals

Rescuing stray animals or animals that somehow are in need of assistance is our core business

We Help Animals

If you love animals, would like to work with dogs or cats, join a great group of animal enthusiasts, then this is an opportunity not to be missed!

We Follow a Principle

Supporting the local community by buying and employing locally is an important part of the AARRC philosophy, which is that “Animal Welfare Equals Human Welfare”. We cannot exist without our fellow creatures and they need us. By improving public health and safety through our work for stray animals, we serve the human community.

We Teach Animals

If you love animals and would like to work with dogs or cats, join a great group of like-minded animal enthusiasts to socialise former stray pets. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

We Teach People

Education is an important factor. At AARRC we not only educate the next generations but also the current ones.

Who is behind AARRC

Our love for animals, as well as the need to do something truly meaningful for both animals and people, has led us to start AARRC. Although often it’s turned out to be a real struggle, we have brought better lives to the stray animals and awareness among the people of Aklan and beyond.

Mike Stuart

Michel and neressa van der Kleij, AARRC founders

With $20 we can care for a dog for one month