Become a Sponsor for our Rescued Animals

Help us to take care of them

If you’re unable to adopt one of our sweethearts but you would still like to help, then why not consider sponsoring one or more of these fabulous animals?

Sponsoring an animal will allow AARRC to help more animals and since we receive no government or other external aid other than donations, your contribution is vital. The minimal amount to sponsor a dog or cat is the equivalent of US$20 or €20 per month, but there’s nothing to stop you from sponsoring a number of animals or simply add a little extra.

For Individuals

In order to make AARRC project sustainable in the long term we need recurrent donations that help us to cover the costs of keep taking care of more than 100 rescued animals. We suggest 2 ways of helping us:

  • Supportive Sponsoring: €10 monthly, which doesn’t cover the average cost of keeping an animal, but of course it really helps us.
  • Full Sponsoring: €20 monthly, which covers the average cost, including food, medicines, vaccinations, veterinary care, housing and staff.

For Companies

Many companies have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. AARRC is a trustworthy partner with a proven record of animal related community activities such as spay/neuter campaigns. At AARRC we welcome foreign volunteers to help care for the animals into our home, thereby introducing these young people to Filipino culture and people. When you become an AARRC partner, you tap in to this network of international exposure as the volunteers write enthusiastically about their experiences. Together, we can define what AARRC can do to further your CSR goals.

How we will use your donations

Cover veterinary care and medicine cost to keep help our animals recover and keep them healthy animals.

Cover the food expenses for more than 170 dogs and cats so they can remain healthy.

Cover the salary expenses of local staff that take care for our animals, with which they can support their own families.

Especially for AARRC, we have set up a foundation in the Netherlands that takes care of all the international donations: Stichting Albert or The Albert Foundation. This foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands. This way we ensure that your donation reaches the animals that need it.

With your regular donations we can keep up helping the stray animals with spay/neuter projects, medicated feeding and so on. The animals that we rescue all require regular vaccinations and veterinary care, so your donations will help pay the bills.

You can donate using the form, vía PayPal or via wire transfer to the following accounts:


Europe – ING BANK

Stichting Albert. Delfgauw, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL47INGB0004452444

Philippines – PNB BANK

Jenie Mae I. Gumban
Sunflower Road, Andaga, Kalibo
Cp #: 09123349770

PNB Kalibo, Aklan Branch
Account number: 6605-0210-0015