Animal Rehabilitation Center in Philippines

Disabled Pets

Disabled pets are often left to die because people think they are no longer capable of meaningful lives.

While a disabled pet definitely requires more care and attention than able bodied pets, most disabilities can be overcome with love and a little help from our friends. At AARRC, we have wheelchairs for dogs that no longer have use of their rear legs, usually after traffic accidents. At present, we have a totally blind dog, dogs on 3 legs, dogs without the use of their rear legs, dogs that have severe pelvic injuries but can still move around and so on. In our experience, these dogs enjoy life to the full and there is no need to pity them.

How to be a responsible owner

Keep your animals inside your house or compound and do not let them roam

Spay or neuter your pets (very often this is -almost- free at your city or provincial veterinarian)

Vaccinate yearly and deworm every 6 months to prevent spread of disease

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