Humanitarian Help in Aklan

Discover our programs to help the community in Aklan

Whoever thinks that Animal Welfare is ONLY about animals, would be very mistaken indeed. Allow us to illustrate what we mean.

We stimulate the local economy

By virtue of the type of work that we do, our activities stimulate the local economy in ways that you might not have realised. Over the years the donations that have come in from all over the world have flowed to countless building contractors and labourers, repairmen, electricians, plumbers, car and bike repair shops, pet food shop owners, local restaurants and local artists and craftsmen.

We promote Aklan as a tourism destination

Furthermore, foreign and Filipino visitors’ spendings are providing much needed incomes to rural communities throughout Aklan as these friendly people sniff the culture and travel around.

We improve the community

Our regular free spay/neuter campaigns are a big help to the community by improving public health and safety.

We help the community after natural disasters

when disaster strikes, like with the often occurring typhoons and associated floods, we have organised specific fundraisers to help those that lost their homes.

We share knowledge

By inviting foreign veterinarians and students for our spay/neuter campaigns, both local and foreign veterinarians share knowledge and gain a wealth of experience in the field which will help everybody succeed in projects both at home and abroad.

So this is why, by sponsoring our animals, you are not only sponsoring them,
but an entire local community. May they all count on your support?