Adopt a cat in Philippines

Have you always wanted to have your very own pet?  Today is your opportunity, adopt one of our rescue cats.

At AARRC we rescue cats from the streets, care for them, feed, heal and train them and prepare our cats to be adopted.

Would you like to give one of our furry companions a second chance?

The adoption process is as follows:

  • Come visit the animal of your choice
  • Present 2 IDs
  • We come to your address to do a house check
  • Adoption fee: P1000
  • Sign the adoption agreement

Why should you adopt a cat and not buy one?

Pet stores sell animals only to earn money. Most of the animals sold in such stores were raised in breeding farms where they were crammed into tiny and filthy cages or containers. These factories mass produce animals like products and often ignore their basic needs. Many are shipped to pet stores in tight containers and arrive malnourished, sick, or injured. Dead or dying animals are considered part of the cost of the business.

When you buy an animal, you are supporting these cruel breeding farms, and another animal will be bred to replace it. It is a cycle of never ending misery.

Rescue a cat in Philippines

The goal of animal shelters is to save lives and prevent suffering. At AARRC we welcome stray or abandoned animals and we provide them with veterinary attention, food, water and shelter and we find a new home for them.

In order to adopt one of our cats we have a process: we visit the new home and ask for a small payment for the adoption.

Our intention is to be 100% sure that these animals receive the second chance they deserve.

Any questions about adoption?