Meerkat almost had no fur at all when she arrived and her skin markings made her look like the well known meerkat of southern Africa, hence her name. Meerkat is the Queen of the batch and she rules with dignity. She’s an incredibly friendly girl though and she’s crazy about cuddles. She actively looks for your attention by offering “high fives”.

Meerkat came from Boracay Island, which is one of the main tourist spots in the Philippines. Sadly, years of neglect had rendered the island into an unmanageable mess with no infrastructure to back up the endless flow of incoming tourists. Therefore the government decided early 2018 that the island had to be closed to tourists for 6 months to start a cleanup program. This in turn led to many Filipino workers returning to their home islands, leaving any animals that they were feeding behind. Many of these unfortunate animals ended up in the infamous Boracay dog pound, where they are euthanised after a few days. AARRC took in over 50 of these poor souls, rescuing their lives.


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