We Rescue & Help animals in Aklan (Philippines)

Who we Are

The Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (AARRC) is an animal shelter in Kalibo, Philippines.

Rehabilitation Center

Disabled pets are often left to die because people think they are no longer capable of meaningful lives.

Sponsor an Animal

We care for over 170 dogs and cats. With your regular contribution we can continue looking after their welfare.

Our organisation wants to solve the problem of stray animals in Aklan.

All our animals are current on their vaccinations and were spayed or neutered as well as dewormed. This ensures that they are off to a great start in your home.

Chino, a real Super Hero

Chino, pictured here running near Aklan River on his daily walk, is a first class survivor. As a puppy he was a traffic victim, resulting in a fractured hip and causing his hips to be off-set in relation to each other. But he learned to walk and run again. After that he fell victim of dog catchers in his native island of Boracay where he would have perished in the dog pound. But then we found him and brought this gentle giant to AARRC. Although he’s a happy dog, he developed a tumor on top of his skull. This gentle soul’s life is so full of challenges, but he’s not giving up. Neither are we!

We are looking for both local and international volunteers

If you love animals, would like to work with dogs or cats, then join this great international and ever growing group of animal enthusiasts, for an experience not to be missed! We regularly need help so volunteers will be welcome at any time of the year.

Discover our Animal Welfare Center in Philippines

With $20 we can feed Chili for one month